Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Father Daughter Dance

Right now my "baby" is at a Valentine Father Daughter Dance. The proceeds go to the Children's Hospital. I took tons of pictures before they left and forced Matt to take the camera with them. I hope he takes pictures. :)
I just have to tell you the anticipation Bre had for the entire week that Daddy asked her to go to the dance. First of all, anyone that knows Bre knows-she doesn't wear dresses. I used to put the cutest little dresses on her when she was a toddler. However, when she found her voice she put a stop to that! lol. Now that didn't stop me from constantly buying them in hopes that she would suddenly have a change of heart and wear them. She only wears dress pants or skirts to church.

Here's the funny thing, when Matt told me his plan to ask Bre to the dance (which by the way includes a crosiage) I was thinking of how I was going to break it to him that there is no way Bre would want to go. One she is a mama's girl (doesn't like to go anywhere without me) and two, she don't do dresses.(yes I know that is not proper grammar)
Here is the scene: before I had a good excuse for her so his heart wouldn't be broken, he asks her if she would like to be his date for the Father Daughter Valentine Dance. Me: holding my breath and squinting my eyes hears "Really Daddy? I would love to!!" WHAT? I open my eyes to see if she really meant that. She did. The next two hours consisted of her tyring n EVERY single dress that has been hanging In back of her closet until she found the perfect one!! It was such a sweet moment for me. A glorious glorious moment. She is not an all together tom boy but she isn't a girly girl either. I have been OK with that-really. But, I must say it was a sweet moment. Then here comes the kicker-She asks me to CURL her hair and do her nails!! She also said she would like some pearls to go with the dress.We went shopping! FUN! We bought a pretty petite black dress purse to go with her shoes (and to hold her inhaler.) We found a very pretty set of pearl necklace and bracelet at a Thrifty shopper and to top it off we bought nail polish in the exact shade as her dress.
At exactly 5pm she said it was time to do her hair-Beautiful ringlets that we tied into side ponytails with matching valentine ribbon and a pearl clip. She wouldn't put on her dress until after dinner for fear of spilling taco on it. Oh I almost forgot, she also bought daddy a huge chocolate bar that say "Be my Valentine." How SWEET!

I will put pictures of them once Matt gets back with the camera. Probably won't get to it until tomorrow actually. I am sure I will be up late hearing all the wonderful little details of a magical time between a little girl and her daddy.

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