Thursday, February 19, 2009

I found this neat little chart on the net...

Here is a comparison of homeschool vs. public school:
Homeschool vs. Public School
One on one
/ 30 to 1 student-teacher ratio
Parent directed and monitored/Limited parental involvement
Tailored to student learning style/Caters to visual and auditory learners
Students progress at their own pace/Adheres to arbitrary scope and sequence
Encourages discovery and love of learning/Encourages memorization
Two-way dialogue/Lecture
Balances academics with life skills/Removes student from day to day life
Decisions motivated by concern for student/Decisions tainted by financial and professional incentives
Real life, multi-age/Segregated by age, race and income
Physically and emotionally safe/Danger of bullying, physical and verbal assault
Flexible, suits learner/Rigid, inhibits kinesthetic learners
Consistent, secure/Changes from year to year
Encourages students to do their best/Negative peer pressure
Allows time to pursue hobbies and interests/Wastes time on classroom management and busywork
Independence/Dependence on teacher, government
Self-motivation/External rewards and consequences
Discipline focuses on building character/Discipline focuses on classroom management

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