Thursday, February 26, 2009

This week at a glance

I am posting this now because I know I will be way to tired tomorrow night.
Monday: Normal HS day - Bre was sick with a sore throat and cold so she did most of her work on the coach and watched The Harriet Tubman movie
Tuesday-Bre made a very cool shadow box project on Abraham Lincoln. I will post pictures later. Normal HS day.
Wednesday- I started feeling sick with a sore throat and cold and rank my standard cure of 2 tbs 2x a day of apple cider vinegar. Yes it is gross, but it does work. Ty had to study for his CAP test along with his normal school work. He is getting very good at working independently. This is a huge thing for us, trust me. Ty adn Bre went for a walk with some friends and had a mini picnic. Yes, it is cold, but nice enough to not wear gloves and a scarf. Cabin Fever is a terrible thing to have. One must get out even if only for awhile.
Thursday- I was feeling better this morning but had to take Bre to Dr. for follow up for asthma, RiteAid, Office MAx and PetCo/ On the way home I remembered that I had some books to return to the Library. Ended up getting more books and stayed for over an hour. I had to pry the kids out of there. This is a good thing. There was a day when they hated to go to the library-back when we first started homeschooling. Ty finished his first draft on the Civil War. Bre wrote in her journal. Honestly we did not get allot done today as far as the standard book work, but, hey the Library counts for something right? :) I feel very sick and achy Right now. I cannot breathe out of my nose and it hurts to breathe from my mouth because my throat hurts. I was complaining about it (like I am now) when Bre said, "yeah, try having a bad cold when you have asthma." I quickly stopped complaining. Point Taken. Period. Today was another"nice" winter day. The kids took a walk and hung out next door for awhile.
Tomorrow- Chiropractor and Co-0p with an IMAX movie at the end. I am also invited to go to another book club but with the way I am feeling right now, I doubt I will be able to go. I am sure after a full day at co-op I am going to be wornout. I also have to help Ty pack for his weekend trip for bivwack. It's for CAP and he has to sleep outside in a tent with other cadets. I am such a mother, I keep having horrible visions of him freezing to death. My husband who is also going is assuring me that cadets have been going for twenty years with no casualties as of yet. He also told me to stop coddling him. Again, Point Taken, Of course he said it very nicely but I get the drift. Ty is my only boy and I do tend to coddle all my children because I love them so much. Not so much as to suffocate them mind you, I am just what Cassie call a PARENTNOID. When I feel myself going over the edge of paranoia to never return. I pray. It is such a relief to know that God is with them protecting them even when I am not. Trust me I have loosened up ALLOT!
I know it is our duty as parents to TRAIN them up, and let them go. It is just hard sometime, that's all. I love my life and my family so much. I was just wondering what I was going to do when they are all grown and on their own, what I am going to do with myself. I had a moment of nothingness and then I realized I have allot that I am going to do. Matt and I are going to travel together. Also, Cassie said that she wants me to Homeschool her future kids. How sweet. That was such a blessing to hear. Ok, I think the Tylenol Severe Cold has gone to my head-literally because I am carrying on so. I think I will reread this tomorrow and Will have to do some editing. :)

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