Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Week

I often get asked if we take school breaks when the Public School takes theirs. Because our children have alot of friends in the PS, I do give them a break. We do not do "nothing" for a whole week however.
I picked up 5 educational movies from the library that goes with what they are learning.
I still do read alouds- Currently finishing up The Slave Dancer. I also found a website that has lessons to go with each chapter, so I will give them one lesson a day and read one chapter a day.
I will find ways to incorporate living math without them even realizing it, such as recipes and asking Ty to build me a shelf. Life is Learning and just because we are not doing "book" work this week, there are learning opportunities in every day life, if you know where to look.
I will not let them vedge in front of the TV. Educational shows or not. Play a game, go for a walk (when it is nice) Do arts and Crafts. SOMETHING other than TV.

We went to see the Reptile Show yesterday at Beaver Lake , the reptiles were huge! We went on a nature hike afterwards, albeit a bit cold, it was enjoyable. I am thinking of taking the kids ice skating Thursday. However, as homeschoolers we are spoiled because usually during school hours we pretty much have the place(s) to ourselves, with schools on vacation I am anticipating a mad house. :)

Ty spent the night at Church for the Lock-In and they went bowling, sledding, ice skating and I am not sure what else. Matt is going to go pick him up now.
That's all I have for today. I am going to post a list of things to do other than watch TV later. I know how easy it is to just let them watch TV all day, especially when you yourself have alot to do. However, are they really getting anything good from it? Even if it is educational after awhile you Will see their eyes glaze over and you know they are in TV lala land. Anyway this is my thoughts on it. I know families that chooses not to own a TV for just these reasons. We will occasionally have a TV turn off week. However, I do like a few shows and there are good programs for the kids available, so moderation is my motto. :)

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